Sometimes it helps to read READMEs and manuals.

Got my Tanager flashed with Smartphone 2003 bits recently. This reduced my average battery life to about 30% (since it uses beta drivers and apps which are not optimized - or so I am told...), but it gets me ... the .NET Compact Framework! Finally!! On my phone!!!

Started thus porting a CF task manager app for Pocket PC to Smartphone (mostly UI, a few performance things) and tried to "Build CAB file" from within VS.NET. ERROR! "CabWiz.exe" could not be invoked... Googling for the answer, I found out that this is described in the README for the Smartphone 2003 SDK. You have to use CabWizSP.exe on the command line. It's a pity they did not integrate this properly in VS.NET. So, back to hand-crafted INF files. But I got my task manager, and it's one of the more useful utilities. (Imagine using XP without task manager ...)

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  1. Adam Field says:

    Gimme Gimme Gimme
    How can i get a copy of SP2003 on my Tanager?
    I have a v dash if thats any help 🙂


  2. Chris Craft says:

    You could just modify the key bits in the inf file and continue to use the Build Cab Files command button.

    See http://coltkwong.com/blogs/hmcheung/posts/163.aspx

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