A Day @ Systems 2003

Was on duty at the second largest German trade fair for IT & computers - the Systems 2003 in Munich. Guarded one of the VS.NET demo machines, nothing unusual, as working at the CeBIT for 8 days in a row is much harder. What surprised me, however, was that about half of all the questions I answered were about ... mobility! Programming the Pocket PC, mainly, but also mobile web apps and stuff. This topic is getting more and more attention, as it gets much easier to develop for WinCE with the Compact Framework. (Though the latter still leaves a lot to be desired. So I'm looking forward to ver. 2, although I don't expect to see any details yet at the upcoming PDC :-/

On that occasion I noticed again how badly structured the online MSDN library appears: a customer asked me about the differences between the APIs of Pocket PC 2002 and 2003. Searched for 5 minutes, then had to give up! Maybe s.o. can send me a link in case such a document really exists...

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