Gadgets are coming

A new Smartphone made by Sierra Wireless will hit the market in 2004. It's got a flip-open
QWERTY keyboard and will probably run Smartphone 2003. Very cool stuff, check it out

Comments (3)

  1. PieMaster says:

    Why is it that there seems to be MS smart phones available in Africa, the ME and Europe, and barely anything yet in the US? I can’t figure why we’re always the last to get this stuff. I may need to move to Japan just to be able to enjoy the latest gadgets 🙂

    Unfortunately 2004 is just not soon enough.

  2. FrankPr says:

    You don’t need to tell me … I’m in Germany, and we are one of the last European countries without a carrier offering a Smartphone 🙁
    (Luckily, I got my Tanager through other channels.) That will only change in a few weeks with the introduction of the Motorola Smartphone – which, unfortunately, is based on Smartphone 2002, so no .NET Compact Framework available. The first Smartphone 2003 in Europe will probably be the SPV E200 ( which Orange is expected to launch pretty soon. Bad luck if you’re living outside the UK, Switzerland, or France 😉

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