XTOPIA kompakt – Content now online

Hi… XTOPIA kompakt is a new format we tried recently. Instead of you coming to the conference, the conference is more like a road show. It was placed so it was easy to attend and we had great feedback. Maybe you missed it… no problem the content (German) is now online… check it out:  …


PHP on Windows Whitepaper

Hi…   my colleague Bernhard Frank just did an article on the topic and now there is a Whitepaper online about the topic (see http://download.microsoft.com/download/8/2/F/82F65F5E-D791-4199-9CE4-25E772682731/PHPonWindows_final.pdf). The nice thing is that Bernhard’s article and the whitepaper do not differ too much (beside that one is in German while the other is in English 😉 Bottom line…


One of the brains behind MySpace at the XTOPIA

Hi… now we can announce it officially: Carl Dichter (Director of Systems Development, MySpace.com) will take part as a keynoter on stage!!! That is cool!!! MySpace is one of the largest (if not THE largest) .NET installation outside of Microsoft. And he is the guy to make it happen… I am looking forward to see…


XTOPIA T-Shirt Shop…

Hi… all the XTOPIA Fan really needs: T-Shirt, mugs, underpants… See http://www.xtopia-konferenz.de/Xtopia08_Shop_xt08.mspx?ActiveID=1423 I just ordered one with my blog address underneath the XTOPIA logo… CU 0xff


XTOPIA Sign On Tour

Press Play to start 😉 Music by Roberto Winckler / Video by Oliver Scheer CU @ XTOPIA / TechSummit 0xff


XTOPIA and Tech Summit – Early Bird Week

Hi… as we approach nearer and nearer to the event date we started to generate a bit more buzz 😉 Some of the things we want to show there are not yet to be announced (as usual the great dilemma of the marketing folks: You have a lot to say and are not allowed to)…


Cool location, cool chairs…

Hi… today we received a load of boxes for the MTC (for more on the MTC see here http://blogs.msdn.com/mtcmuc/default.aspx (in German)). Since the MTC is a showroom for us and for some of our partners we are pleased to welcome lots of customers and partners throughout the year in this location. So after unwrapping the…


Engineering Windows 7…and XTOPIA / TechSummit

Hi… you might have seen this blog http://blogs.msdn.com/e7/ where the Windows 7 Engineering Team talks about the way Windows is engineered. There was not a lot of news around Windows 7 in the past. If you have observed the news stream you certainly noticed that PDC will be of importance to Windows 7. If you…


XTOPIA and TechSummit

hi… Yieeepieeee… we finally made it!! Most of the times nobody can see the efforts that are necessary to take to setup something like two conferences in a row. But be sure: There is a LOT of work necessary 😉 But: We came over the first hills and setup two conferences in a row: Technical…


XTOPIA and Facebook

Hi… those of you interested in the XTOPIA event can join our facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=9994582477&ref=nf CU 0xff