pptPlex auf Steroiden

Hi…   ich bin ja echter Freund von pptPlex (siehe www.officelabs.com). Kollege Christian Binder hat das Format im Web verwendet, um Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management zu visualisieren. Unbedingt mal reinschauen: http://www.speakflow.com/View.aspx?PresentationID=e4e79e6a-92f2-4e6b-9a52-8ccb2c4889b3&mode=presentLocally CU 0xff

Game Development in Silverlight

Hi… I found a cool series of articles here http://www.brighthub.com/internet/web-development/articles/14494.aspx on Online Game Development on Silverlight. There are parts addressing things like collision detection and other stuff. Check it out.   CU   0xff

Is it AJAX or ARAX or APAX or APhAX or…

Hi… I just found this article http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Application-Development/Move-Over-AJAX-ARAX-is-Here/  First: I am totally behind the fact that JavaScript is not the solution for the next step towards RIA. That’s why my feeling is that AJAX is a nice work around but not more. There is another approach to AJAX. The idea is to develop in what ever…


Dynamic Silverlight….

Hi… Ruby in Silverlight??!!?? Here we go: www.dynamicsilverlight.net This website is really reduce to the max 😉 I really like those guys from that product team. They care about content and less about the pretty graphics… CU 0xff


We Silverlighted the web… at least www.xtopia.de

Hi… the upcoming conference in Berlin, XTOPIA, has a redesigned website by today. The German ReMIX now has what it needs: A Silverlight and AJAX based website – Start to end. With Videos and animated logos and… Check it out at www.xtopia.de CU 0xff


Hi… Oli Scheer and I did some video art. We did a little Silverlight player around it(Oli is in the process of making V2.0 ;-)… Have a look… My favourite is the Drawings video… See http://www.xtopia.de/ , Section Kunst… CU 0xff