Teenager schafft Ruby Performance Boost… cool und peinlich

Hi… ich habe das hier gefunden http://yokolet.blogspot.com/2009/11/japanese-teenage-boy-improved-ruby-19.html und es ist ja total cool was japanische Teenager schon so alles hinbekommen. Gratulation und Respekt. Eigentlich aber wieder eher ernüchternd… Der Kollege fand einige Macros, die in wesentlichen Ruby Routinen stets zum Einsatz kamen und hat diese dann optimiert (keine erneute Berechnung wenn statische Werte vorkamen). Man…

Ruby in the Cloud

Hi… what shall I say … http://www.dotnetservicesruby.com/ CU 0xff

Is it AJAX or ARAX or APAX or APhAX or…

Hi… I just found this article http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Application-Development/Move-Over-AJAX-ARAX-is-Here/  First: I am totally behind the fact that JavaScript is not the solution for the next step towards RIA. That’s why my feeling is that AJAX is a nice work around but not more. There is another approach to AJAX. The idea is to develop in what ever…


Dynamic Silverlight….

Hi… Ruby in Silverlight??!!?? Here we go: www.dynamicsilverlight.net This website is really reduce to the max 😉 I really like those guys from that product team. They care about content and less about the pretty graphics… CU 0xff


Ruby Demos from the launch talk…

Hi… you can find the package of my demos here http://www.cu-0xff.de/downloads/Ruby-Demos-Launch2008.zip Have fun.   CU 0xff


Lang.NET – Videos online

Hi… as I talked a lot about this event Lang.NET Symposium they published the videos of the event here http://langnetsymposium.com/talks.asp   CU 0xff


The Dynamic of Dynamic Languages

Hi… I did a talk on Dynamic Languages yesterday during the German launch event in Frankfurt. The room was crowded which shows me that there is a huge interest in this topic… (that one was easy 😉 I got a lot of feedback (thanks) and wanted to react on some of it. First I showed…


Ruby.NET and IronRuby

Hi… Saw this article? http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Application-Development/Head-of-Ruby-Project-to-Support-Microsoft/ Or maybe this blogpost? http://www.iunknown.com/2008/02/welcome-wayne-k.html Come on, but you saw this?? http://groups.google.com/group/RubyDOTNET/browse_thread/thread/1752830c857620b0#f34570019c391974 The good thing here is that two distinct projects both having the push of Ruby on the .net platform in mind are combining. The bad thing that as usual not everybody is happy with it. In the end…

Ruby Editor as Visual Studio Shell

Hi… as you might know you can use Visual Studio as a base for your own dev tools. You can find more on this here http://msdn2.microsoft.com/de-de/vsx2008/products/default(en-us).aspx One option is the pure shell. Here Visual Studio is just the base library and editor and stuff. Now Sapphire Steel Software is using the shell to build a…


Compiling IronRuby

Hi… I was recently doing an update regarding Visual Studio. I now have Visual C# Express 2008 on my machine (the final) and no more VS2005. Also, I was doing an update with IronRuby (currently I have Version 65 on my drive) and discovered that the solution file for the Visual Studio 2008 version is…