Marketing 2.0 wie ich es meine oder “Danke, Holger!”

Hi… vielleicht erinnert sich der ein oder andere noch an meine wirre Idee zum Thema Marketing 2.0 (siehe Meine Grundaussage ist, dass Marketing heute Mehrwerte liefern muss, um für seine Nachricht Aufmerksamkeit zu bekommen. Platte Werbung mit schönen fröhlichen Menschen reicht schon lange nicht mehr. Gerade Gestern hatte ich eine interessante Erfahrung. Wahrscheinlich war…

Book on Cloud Computing

Hi… since I was asked a lot about quite recently, here is a link to Holger Sirtl’s book on the cloud and Windows Azure in special: “Cloud Computing mit der Windows Azure Platform” by Holger Sirtl, MS Press, ISBN 978-3-86645-533-7 for €39,90   CU 0xff

Your Own Windows Server for €14.99/month

Hi… the Student offering is getting better…even better… Some of the raw basic facts: If you are a (German, sorry 😉 student don’t wait any longer 😉 Register today CU 0xff


Jet Blue is still alive or in the need of DBS

Hi… most US citizens see in the term Jet Blue the airline. Some others (like me) remember there was something called Jet Blue and Jet Red…remember?? Jet – A database engine So JET – once for Joint Engine Technology – was a database engine used within a lot of MS products. Access is certainly the…


Software made in Germany – SpicIE

Hi… some time ago I asked some guys here at Microsoft why we do not support writing IE plug ins in managed code. The answer was that while this still is a good idea it is not the highest priority of the product teams. Honestly I understand that because the main focus for the team…


Dear Developer, get prepared for Windows 7 ;-)

Hi… the good news is: If you know Vista, you know the most about Windows 7. At least from a developer perspective. Several features burried inside of Vista are to be really used in Windows 7. So, no new driver model and stuff like this. The good and bad news is: Well, there is some…


Game Development in Silverlight

Hi… I found a cool series of articles here on Online Game Development on Silverlight. There are parts addressing things like collision detection and other stuff. Check it out.   CU   0xff

Ruby in the Cloud

Hi… what shall I say … CU 0xff

PHP on Windows Whitepaper

Hi…   my colleague Bernhard Frank just did an article on the topic and now there is a Whitepaper online about the topic (see The nice thing is that Bernhard’s article and the whitepaper do not differ too much (beside that one is in German while the other is in English 😉 Bottom line…

One of the brains behind MySpace at the XTOPIA

Hi… now we can announce it officially: Carl Dichter (Director of Systems Development, will take part as a keynoter on stage!!! That is cool!!! MySpace is one of the largest (if not THE largest) .NET installation outside of Microsoft. And he is the guy to make it happen… I am looking forward to see…