Mobile Ecosystem–The Connection of three Worlds

Hi… I just did a panel discussion and had a nice idea I want to share right away. The question was: What business models do you see in existance or coming in the near future within the mobile ecosystem? While my co-panelists started answer, I thought that this is a question nobody can really answer….


Kosten für Information im Internet – Transaktionskosten

Hi… interessanter Gedankengang: Warum gibt es große Firmen? Ronald Coase (Nobelpreis-Gewinner) meint, dass immer da, wo die Transaktionskosten für eine Leistung intern niederiger sind als extern, breitet eine Firma sich aus. Sie baut Wissen und Personal auf, um Dinge intern erledigen zu können. Transaktionskosten sind die Zeit (=Geld und Mühe) Recherchen wie Angebote einholen,  vergleichen,…


Jetzt mit Cloud Computing beschäftigen? Ja, wenn Mr Li recht hat

Hi… bei der Lektüre einer meiner Lieblingszeitschriften (IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management) bin ich über einen Artikel von Xiaotong Li gestolpert “Preemptive Learning, Competency Traps, and Information Technology Adoption: A Real Options Analysis” (Vol. 56/ No. 4 / S.650ff) In diesem Artikel wird ein mathematisches Model definiert, welches den Wert eines Technologie-Investments als Funktion über…


Cloud Computing und Vertrauen

Hi… ich war gerade auf einer Web 2.0 Konferenz und ich muss beichten. So wie man das im Web 2.0 macht…also blogge ich. Ich war nämlich böse, habe einen bösen Witz gerissen. Auf dem Panel standen neben mir die Kollegen von Google und IBM. Es ging in einer Frage um Vertrauen und Cloud Computing, was…


Book on Cloud Computing

Hi… since I was asked a lot about quite recently, here is a link to Holger Sirtl’s book on the cloud and Windows Azure in special: “Cloud Computing mit der Windows Azure Platform” by Holger Sirtl, MS Press, ISBN 978-3-86645-533-7 for €39,90   CU 0xff


New Role of Marketing and Operation Research

Hi… this time I’d like to combine several thoughts and observations I made recently. It is all about the new marketing and operation research. In a way, it leads to two ways of innovation necessary to escape the Innovator’s Dilemma. Keep in mind that I reflect on the IT industry. But let’s start at the…


Random Thoughts on Leadership – 2

Hi… Lemma 1: A person can only accept somebody else to lead if the person invest a certain amount of trust this person or institution. Conclusion 1 of Lemma 1: If a leader trusts the persons in the team, the leader accepts to be led by those persons. Conclusion 2 of Conclusion 1: Micromanagers are…


Random Thoughts on Leadership

Hi… one of my audio books is all about leadership, another book I just read is on Design Thinking. So – as a reminder to myself – here are some random thoughts on leadership: What do leaders do? They produce certainty in ambiguity. This is for me the major thing. As soon as there is…


The two kinds of Developers

Hi… have you ever thought about the two fundamental types of developers?? OK, let me introduce my model to you: Product Group versus Laboratory Let us start with Lab guys first: The laboratory developer: * Short winded, things need to show quick results * No care about architecture * No care about security or performance…


Television 2.0

Hi… have you seen this ?? This might be the biggest thing since the invention of TV some days ago. In the recent past TV suffered from its uni-directional style. TV makers tried to come up with a back channel and used the phone. Nice thing about the phone was its ubiquitous availability. Another…