Green IT… well, this is certainly green and IT…


it is CeBIT ( time again. Well, times are rough, budgets tight. Last but not least we all want to be more environment friendly than we have been in the past.

Yes, here we go. Uwe Baumann, Product Manager Visual Studio Express here in Germany, had a great idea. Several meetings later we are able to present:

MSDN CeBIT '09 Mitfahrzentrale

Basic idea is that if you drive to CeBIT you can trade the empty space in your car and if you want to go there you can find somebody to take you there. Oh, it’s all in there: Crowed sourcing, Web2.0, GreenIT…

By the way: Maybe you find new friends, at least people to listen to Dariusz Podcasts or to enjoy some webcasts on your way to CeBIT!!!



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