Game Development in Silverlight

Hi… I found a cool series of articles here on Online Game Development on Silverlight. There are parts addressing things like collision detection and other stuff. Check it out.   CU   0xff


Celebrate the 20th anniversary… not your first!!

Hi… my father is a civil engineer and I will always remember when he celebrated the 20th anniversary of his own shop quite a while ago. He started his speech with the words "We did not celebrate our first year because we did not know if we would make the second. Now – twenty years…


Two years of broken crypto

Hi… you all are still aware of the bug that had been introduced into Debian random key generation two years before it has been discovered. The whole IT world was victim since not only the code was used in different systems all over the place, the week keys generated spread also. In an issue of…


MS Research

Hi… if you are interested in research in the field of software there is a must see: It is Rick Rashid’s keynote at the PDC… Wuha, did I mention that I dream of working in MSR?? CU 0xff


Social Network for Conferences

Hi… I was just a member of the panel during a discussion which took place at the Medientage in München. We were asked to come up with ideas around what could help a typical attendee. Beside other topics we discovered that one thing was omnipresent: Social Networking. It is certainly true that conferences are not…


Ruby in the Cloud

Hi… what shall I say … CU 0xff


PHP on Windows Whitepaper

Hi…   my colleague Bernhard Frank just did an article on the topic and now there is a Whitepaper online about the topic (see The nice thing is that Bernhard’s article and the whitepaper do not differ too much (beside that one is in German while the other is in English 😉 Bottom line…


One of the brains behind MySpace at the XTOPIA

Hi… now we can announce it officially: Carl Dichter (Director of Systems Development, will take part as a keynoter on stage!!! That is cool!!! MySpace is one of the largest (if not THE largest) .NET installation outside of Microsoft. And he is the guy to make it happen… I am looking forward to see…


XTOPIA T-Shirt Shop…

Hi… all the XTOPIA Fan really needs: T-Shirt, mugs, underpants… See I just ordered one with my blog address underneath the XTOPIA logo… CU 0xff


XTOPIA Sign On Tour

Press Play to start 😉 Music by Roberto Winckler / Video by Oliver Scheer CU @ XTOPIA / TechSummit 0xff