Bet on the Future – Wisdom of the Crowd


I just saw an article on a crazy idea. See the article here

The task to solve is a question on ideas or products which is not easy to answer and maybe even a bit political. The idea is now to built a stock market and let people trade their answer.

The example given is to predict the publishing date of a product. Can we make it on time or when will it be. Now get a group of people with enough expertise and knowledge together and let them bet on the answers. But: As on every stock market you have some "money" to bet with and the more people bet on a single date the more expensive the bet get.

I don't wat to repeat the whole article but it is a nice (somewhat strange) idea at first. Certainly everything stays or falls with the group of people to choose. It is about choosing the right persons.

But having a stock market on product ideas for example and asking people to rate by buying in the idea etc. is somewhat cool.



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