First: A Goodbye


My dear Toshiba:

Yesterday our partnership split: My Toshiba M4 now retires.

You were a strong companion over the last 2 years. You were not my first machine to have Longhorn or Vista on it (actually I was 3 months productively working with the 2003 PDC version of Longhorn those days with a Dell that time) but you've been for sure the one to have the most different versions on it. You experienced times where I installed a new build every second day.

We travelled around the world and you, my Toshiba, saw interesting places and visited different companies and hotel sites. We had lonely evening in hotel rooms (with some DVDs to watch 😉 and busy days on the airport.

Oh, we had some hard times when the beta video drivers did not allow to duplex the screen on internal and external video output. I had to look over my shoulder while trying to point on the right thing. We had some accidents. I dropped you once at the Seattle airport and the break of the display is not as tight anymore as it used to be. Since 3 months I have to tighten some plastic clips from time to time.

I also learned that this nice Vista stickers which are 3D and about 4 mm thick should not be sticked on the top of a convertable tablet pc. They did this to you while I gave you away for a BIOS update during a conference. Later on I turned you into tablet mode and wondered who was pressing the H key all the time.

I will also always remember this HF AC filter on your power cord since this damn thing hit me hard on my head when my neighbour in a plane open the overhead compartment and it dropped directly on me.

But afterall...we had a good time together. Lots of people have seen you or at least your desktop... they all - for sure - will remember those days.



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  1. In guter Manier und Inspiration von meinem Manager FrankFi, der sich in einem Betrauerungsblogeintrag

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