Big, Bigger, XTOPIA !!!


to say "I am looking forward..." does not describe what I feel right now. I am sitting at the last day of the MIX in LasVegas and today (yes, today!!) the website for XTOPIA went live!!!

MIX was an impressive experience and I learned a lot. Some learnings will directly be applied to the XTOPIA conference and that's why it will be more than a "German MIX". We will really set the bar 😉

You see I am more than confident. Why that?? Easy... we have two Media Partners: n-tv and BrandEins that are very new to us (and we are very new to them) and I am looking forward to mix things.

For me it is like gunpowder... You need sulfur, coal and salpeter. If you keep the three apart from each other, the effect is more than boring. Bringing all three of them in the right measure together and things start to move.

It is the same with business, developement and design. Each of them are powerful. All three in the right amount can move mountains.

So see you at XTOPIA!!!




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