The miraculous ‘1’



you know sometimes a single 1 can eat your whole morning 🙂

I tried to make a user instance with MS SQL Express 2005 on my box and received the error that the machine is not configured to do so but use the command sp_configure 'user instances enabled'...

Since I did not want to do this with osql (I know I am getting old and tired) I installed Management Studio Express (find it here, typed in the command, got no error back while executing but still the same error from Visual Studio...

OK, what I found now is that the sequence is...

Enabling user instances on MS SQL Express 2005

exec sp_configure 'user instance enabled', '1'


reconfigure with override



Thank you, who ever you are, for not spending the four additional bytes in your error message!!! It took my morning...but I learned a lot 😉

More on user insances here (

Happy programming...



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