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during my visit in Redmond I was wandering around a bit and happened to find myself in one of those huge bookstores.

Browsing the alley I found a book called "Joel on Software" and - to be honest - took it because it seemed to be made up with short little stories to read. So just the right thing for having a Grande Caramel Latte and read a bit in between.

But: This book is - as we Germans put it - simply geil!!

He is the guy to see the principle "see nothing as a religion" as a religion. He's giving all those architecture astronauts and "XP means the code is the plan" guys a hard time. I love it...

And it is so transferable of what we see today with this Web 2.0 stuff... Is the question regarding the real value behind all those Web 2.0 startups already answered? I don't think so. By no means has Web 2.0 our daily live changed in a way that it is never to be turned back again...

Sometimes a good book with a good coffee...you know??

Now: The first day on CeBIT. Let's see what lays ahead of us...



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  1. dun3 says:

    Hey Frank,

    if you enjoyed reading that book you should really check out joel’s blog:


    Sometimes he really does have some controversial opinions, but his blog sure as hell has some real diamonds in there.


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