We listened and learned.. hope you like what we did


the German group for which a have the pleasure to work received some messages that a certain part of the developers in Germany aren't happy with what we do. This was very astonishing for us first hand because we receive quite a lot of goog feedback every day (which is appreciated and always welcome ;-). But especially the smaller companies gave us bad remarks.

So we tried to get in contact, to be beaten up, to listen and learn and we finally found the clue behind it: They would likt to get different content in that way that it is not showing all implications of a problem and not every possible solution with their pros and cons. They would like it to be simple in that sense that it shows a solution to a real live problem fullstop. Best it is able to be copy and pasted into my code.

So I dedicated one guy in my team to work on this topic, Daniel Walzenbach. I am very proud having Daniel in my team. He brings two things together: He is skilled and has a huge knowledge prooved in praxis regarding ASP.NET and VB.NET. But he also really knows the pains and the wishes of especially the smaller companies out there. He used to work in this environment for years. So the right expert to teach us and help to prepare the right content.

We started a project and called it MSDN Solve, because it is dedicated to solve problems as a whole. We did some content: We made over 600 How-To Guides and somewhat 30 little videos. Sorry, all in German 😉 It took some months to get all the stuff together, to organize a portal, design it, clear all obstacles (for example legal affairs). If you never did something like that you would never imagine how many people are involved into something like this and how much work it really is. But thanks to Lars Lippert and Andreas Schnitzer we made it.

So I can join in today and spend a round of applause for MSDN Solve: http://www.msdn-solve.de

Even if the whole story is much more complex than to prepare the right type of content it was a starting point. We have some more ideas and will work on this throughout the next years.

Start using it and give us feedback. As this shows: We really listen and learn...an we do!!!





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  1. dun3 says:

    Hi Frank,

    first of all thank you all very much for that great new website. It sure as hell captured my attention way longer than was good for my current workload. 😉

    I would have one request though: Please work on the "How To"-Finder as fast as possible, since that would increase the value dramatically! I really missed to get an overview of all the available topics covering xyz.

    On a different note:

    I can totally see the point of other small companies, wanting to know only the gist of a solution to a specific problem. But I am Program Manager and Programmer at a small company and think that it is absolutely crutial to have a risk analysis before committing to a specific feature. Usually those are add-ons to .NET like ATLAS, but even stuff like ADO.NET, SQL-Datasource, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a website similar to msdn solve geared towards Software Architects in small companies? Especially small companies must have a central knowledgebase helping them to learn about alternatives and the attached tradeoffs, in order to avoid possibly company wrecking obstacles down the road.

    Well, at least that’s my opinion. 😉

    Cheers, and keep up the great work,

    Tobias Hertkorn

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