Interview in the German Windows Live Magazine

Hi… As Kay Giza wrote there is an online copy available with an interview of us two. We have been asked around the Gadget Contest we did together with the guys from Online Services Group here in Germany. To be very honest: It was pure fun and I would do it just the same way…


I would call it AdSpam

Hi… browse nearly any web site you want and you will find them attached to the side or the header or the bottom: Large chunks of text based ads (some call them graveyards 😉 Have you ever clicked there? To be honest I haven’t. But this seems to be the way of financing your website….


Open Source != API

Hi…   today I’ve been at a conference. Amongst academic people I thought the difference between Open Source and an open API should be clear. To make it short: It wasn’t. So, open source means that the source code is provided, to look in it, to change it or what ever the specific license grants…


Forget about AJAX ;-)

Hi… Thank god, WPF/E is here… Have a look at CU 0xff


Why Office must be a software development platform or Why did it take us so long to understand

Hi… being on the Office / Vista Launch Roadshow in Germany brought some new insides. Fascinating ideas after all. Read this…   With Visual Studio Tools for Office, Microsoft made Office a real platform for client applications. This is very reasonable, why?? Because it is already reality!! If you have a look around in today’s…


Cool stuff

Hi…   Forget about all other power plugs, USB is universal… don’t believe it? See this   CU 0xff


Why are we so ideological?

Hi… still I am a fan of audio books. Right now I am listening to some articles of a German magazine called ‘Brand eins’. The main topic of this issue is prejudices. The interesting part is that – at least in my opinion – prejudices are very valuable to our every day live. We all…


Moving into new spaces

Hi… today I moved into a new space. My former office will be refurbished. To be precise my room will become a webcast studio 😉 and I will move into an open space. Since you certainly know the look of my room please join in and pray for my collegues… It is a quite an…


Renaming a SQL Server…

Hi…   I was asked yesterday and hadn’t the right answer… So here it is.   When the host is renamed this has to be updated within SQL. There is a section in the SQL Books called Renaming a Server. Do not forget to also read the errata here. CU 0xff


Tool of the month: NLite

Hi…   once in a while I have to install a new PC for a relative (you certainly know that otherwise there would be no market for T-shirts like “No, I won’t fix your computer”).   This time a had a machine with no additional CDs with it. As usual I started by deleting all…