3 by 3 from me

In keeping with my 3 year twitter-versary, here’s 3 twitter clients for 3 different platforms WPF Sobees Lite Seesmic for Windows Mahtweets Silverlight Sobees Web Gadfly Twittzure Windows Mobile Twikini Pocketwit Motweets Enjoy! If you want to find more twitter apps – head over to http://oneforty.com/ Technorati Tags: Twitter,Silverlight,WPF,Windows Mobile

Sydney May23rd – "Windows Presentation Foundation" Community Workshop and Bushfire Appeal

My old team back in Australia continues to do *great* stuff. One of the cool things they have been doing is the WPF Community Workshop and Bushfire Appeal. A workshop will be held in Sydney on May 23rd, and it looks like there’s still space available. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to learn stuff and…

Sobees – so WPFee!

At the PDC, I met up with Vincent Rithner, who is the man behind Sobees. I wrote a post about bTwitter, which was another neat WPF app from the team. Now the full platform is done! So what is Sobees? It’s a social desktop aggregator. sobees organizes and integrates Web applications and services onto the…


Want to do What If?

The US election is a few days away. Here’s a cool tool to make electoral vote predictions like Chuck Todd of MSNBC has on air, using Microsoft Surface. From your desktop, using the richness of WPF, you can make your own predictions, compare them with Chuck Todd and manipulate based on voter trends, poll surveys…

Wonderful WPF Applications : bTwitter

I got a note from one of my twitter friends, vincent rithner,  about a new WPF application – bTwitter It’s a cool, simple WPF frontend for Twitter, with some cute animations. It is a part the Sobees platform – I need to make some time to check that out too. Technorati Tags: bTwitter, WPF, Sobees


Wonderful WPF Applications : Manga Reader

Larry Larsen highlights the Manga Reader in WPF at http://mangareader.wordpress.com/ This is a really cool use of WPF and demonstrates a great online experience I’ve sent the link to Rigo. Hopefully I can convince him to read his manga online from now on. Technorati Tags: Manga, Manga Reader, WPF


Extra! Extra! Read all about it. News Reader SDK has been released!

Tim Sneath has the good news – We’ve Released the News Reader SDK! The Newsreader SDK, or as it is officially called the Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit, is now out in the wild, so you can build your own WPF newsreader, just like the New York Times Reader, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ,the Daily Mail…


Wonderful WPF App : RIPT

I had a coffee with Tim Sneath today.  It was good to catch up. He told me lots of things, and he gave me a demo of a really cool WPF app call RIPT. Since I am always on the lookout for WPF apps, I had to download it and it is really really sweet. Organize…


Wonderful WPF App : OutSync

I’ve been slowly building up a bunch of friends on Facebook. I’ve come across a really nifty little app called Outsync and it’s a WPF app  What is it? OutSync is a free Windows application that syncs photos of your Facebook friends with matching contacts in Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to select which contacts are…


Flotzam : A Twitter, Facebook, Flickr & RSS Mash-up

I recently installed Flotzam on my new laptop and it’s really really cool. I’ve got it running as a screensaver From the Flotzam site: Watch the flotsam and jetsam of data that you care about in this mash-up of Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and blogs. Using this simple application, you can configure what you want to…