DevReadiness – Any Relation to Truthiness ?

I came across today. Welcome to – the community site dedicated to helping you, the developer, get your applications ready for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Here you will find easy ways to get your existing applications ready for the new platform and achieve the “Works With” or “Certified For”  Windows Logo programs. We will…


Wonderful WPF App : RIPT

I had a coffee with Tim Sneath today.  It was good to catch up. He told me lots of things, and he gave me a demo of a really cool WPF app call RIPT. Since I am always on the lookout for WPF apps, I had to download it and it is really really sweet. Organize…


LifeCam VX-3000

I got myself a Lifecam VX-3000 today Pretty Cheezy huh! It works great with the WebCam Sidebar Gadget


Callwave Visual Voicemail : Cool Service, Cool Gadget

I have been using a service from Callwave for a few weeks now. It provides a replacement voicemail system for my mobile cell phone with a range of really useful services. It has a Windows Vista Sidebar gadget that hooks up to your voicemail and lets you listen right from your desktop. Plus, it has…


Winners of the Queensland Innovation Centre Vista Gadget Competition

A few weeks ago, I was Judging the Queensland Innovation Centre Vista Gadget Competition. Overnight, Marty Gnanananthan sent out a note about the winners South East Queensland Dam Levels SurfWatch 1.0 Queensland Traffic / Queensland Weather Casket Sidebar Gadget The formal presentation of the prizes will held at the Queensland MSDN user group on the 21…


AASG : Surfwatch

I got this email today from reader Steven Nagy about a sidebar gadget he has developed —–Original Message—–From: [] Sent: Saturday, 30 June 2007 9:00 AMTo: Frank ArrigoSubject: (frankarr – an aussie microsoft blogger) : SurfWatch GadgetImportance: High Hi Frank, Just wanted to let you know that I have written a gadget and thought…


Those Klever Kiwis : Background Motion

Those boys over in the land of the long white cloud have been busy. They have launched a site for sharing Dreamscenes. Very Very Kool Via Darryl Burling Background Motion – now live! Over the last few months the guys at Mindscape have been dotting i’s and crossing t’s in order to get BackgroundMotion up…


AASG : Queensland Traffic

Another Australian Sidebar gadget about Queensland Traffic Cameras. This one is from the good folks at Soul Solutions Queensland Traffic View the 15 traffic cameras from around Queensland Australia. Settings allow you to choose a single camera (updates every min) or default to cycle through cameras.Undock the gadget for full resolution.Click through to view Traffic…

AASG : Queensland Traffic Cameras

Spotted this on the Windows Live Gallery Queensland Traffic Cameras Provides real time feeds of Queensland traffic cameras. The images are refreshed every minute and the user may configure the sidebar gadget to auto-cycle through the images. Cool !! The Australian Sidebar Gadget tally grows. Technorati tags: Vista, Sidebar


AASG : Tech Ed Australia 07 Countdown Gadget (OMG 94 Days to go)

Security dude, and all round good guy, Rocky Heckman has pulled together a neat little countdown sidebar gadget for TechEd Australia. I fired it up and it tells me we have 94 days to Tech Ed Australia OMG. Early Bird ends soon!!! You had better signup if you are heading to Tech Ed this August…