3 by 3 from me

In keeping with my 3 year twitter-versary, here’s 3 twitter clients for 3 different platforms WPF Sobees Lite Seesmic for Windows Mahtweets Silverlight Sobees Web Gadfly Twittzure Windows Mobile Twikini Pocketwit Motweets Enjoy! If you want to find more twitter apps – head over to http://oneforty.com/ Technorati Tags: Twitter,Silverlight,WPF,Windows Mobile

{You shape} it

I got sent to {You shape} it, a new site that focuses on all Microsoft things related to design, development and IT management. It’s full of silverlight goodness, with a snappy theme song and some fun activities, including adding your name to the Shape City billboard As I was wandering the site, I got flashbacks…


NYT: Tracking the Olympics Audience Across the NBC Media Universe

Excerpt from New York Times Article: Tracking the Olympics Audience Across the NBC Media Universe http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/07/sports/olympics/07tami.html The exhaustive coverage of the Summer Olympics from Beijing next month — 3,600 hours on television and online — presents NBC Universal with a problem: how to give advertisers a portrait of viewership on seven networks, the Internet (both…


Expression Encoder 2 : Encoding For Everyone, including you, you and you!

I bumped into my good friend Charles Finkelstein today. He was very happy and it wasn’t because of his recently purchased muscle car. His product, Expression Encoder 2, has been pushed out and is ready for download. To be honest, I don’t think the brief description does it justice Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 2 Trial Brief…


Klaatu barada nikto : Robochamps Rulez!

Marc Mercuri, my neighbour from across the hallway, has been working away on a very cool project, which involves Silverlight 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5, WCF 3.5, REST, S+S, LiveID, Linq, SQL, IIS, .NET Framework 3.5, and….. robots. How cool is that! Mark, aka RoboChamps League Commissioner, explains it all in his post Robots for everyone! Plus,…

ChasF says Hello World from the Expression Encoder Blog

My good friend Charles Finkelstein introduces the Expression Encoder blog   We have been having discussions about him taking up blogging and it’s cool to see him kick it off Technorati Tags: Expression Encoder, Silverlight, Charles Finkelstein, ChasF

It’s Me on DG.TV

Shane Morris and Michael Kordahi are in town this week before they head down to Mix08 in Vegas. We went out on adventure yesterday and I ended up being interviewed for DG.TV Enjoy the interview in all it’s silverlight goodness Technorati Tags: Frank Arrigo, Shane Morris, Michael Kordahi, DG.TV


Barnesy’s coming!

Scott Barnes is heading stateside. He announced his new role as a Product Manager working for the Silverlight team with Brad Becker . Well that didn’t take long. It only seems like yesterday when I first hired Scott and he joined the team. Good to see you make the move. The Aussie contingent here (including…


NYT: A Chapter of ‘Jackass’ as Web Test

Excerpt from New York Times Article:A Chapter of ‘Jackass’ as Web Testhttp://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/13/business/media/13movie.html LOS ANGELES — Paramount Pictures is lurching ontothe Web with its “Jackass” franchise, with what it says will be thefirst studio-backed feature film to have its premiere online. And the studiohopes the result will be considerably more pleasurable than the old MTVshow’s trademark…


Video.Show – a video portal for user-generated content

Psst – wanna make your own YouTube? Go over and grab yourself Video.Show and maybe you can get featured on Oprah too What is Video.Show? Video.Show is a sample that demonstrates usage of Silverlight, Expression Encoder, Silverlight Streaming and ASP.NET AJAX to create a video portal for user-generated content. Video.Show was developed for Microsoft by…