WomenBuild : Pre-conference @ PDC 2008

Back in May, I wrote a post about one of the PDC pre conferences – PDC2008 : WomenBuild… inspiring career paths in technology I offered to help and my offer was accepted! woohoo!! To celebrate, let me share my Frank as a Lego mini-fig   What’s WomenBuild you ask? The WomenBuild program will launch in…


PDC News – There’s Lots

Lots of PDC news this week on the PDC web site. Lots of keynote speakers Lots of Windows 7 sessions Lots of Win7 bits and what I love, lots of badges Technorati Tags: PDC,Microsoft


PDC : Ask The Brain

Head over to Ask The Brain, meet Brianna and have intelligent converations, such as the one I just had Hello, I’m Brianna. I am a physical manifestation of the collective intelligence known as the developer community. I’m here to answer your questions, and question your answers, about the Microsoft® Professional Developers Conference. What can I…


PDC2008 : WomenBuild… inspiring career paths in technology

Asli Bilgin sent a note about a wonderful initiative which will be a pre-conference activity at the PDC this year. WomenBuild… inspiring career paths in technology In this workshop, attendees will participate in an environment of rich, interactive experiences by modeling real-life business challenges and solutions with LEGO® Bricks as part of the LEGO® Serious…


PDC2008 – It’s on!

The covers came off the PDC2008 site and registrations are now open. The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) will be held on October 27 – 30, 2008 in Los Angeles, CA About Agenda Announcements [RSS] Blog Bling Registration Social And there’s PDC2008 goodness all over the interweb Become a fan of Microsoft PDC on Stay connected…


What the community thinks is important

I’ve been scanning a bunch of blogs over the past few days and I noticed a few themes, so for my entertainment, I will do my own version of memeorandum Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 shipped!  AnthonyB, Aaron, Joe Sango, Matt, Mitch, Clarke Scott, Geoff Appleby, Kieran Jacobsen, Rory, Bernard, Matthew Cosier PDC…

MSDN Webcast Dude comes to visit

I got my very own MSDN Webcast Dude. He’s really cute, but a bit shy. He’s hiding in my new WinFX cup which came to me via the just ended PDC. Some of my team members took pity on my not attending the PDC, so they are trying to cheer me with tchotchkes. It’s working….


PDC05 : Day 4 – and it’s all over

Day 4 of PDC05 wasn’t as big as the previous days, but it was still noteworthy. Day Four Security Symposium Takes the StageBest practices from Microsoft and industry developers that are building security into the software development process using the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) as their model. Learn more about SDL here. Architecture: Making…


PDC05 Day 3

The news doesn’t stop. Day 3 of the PDC continues to be action packed Day Three Announcing: Microsoft Visual Studio Tools For ApplicationsVSTA heralds new era in .NET application customization, enabling ISVs to better meet end user needs. Premium placed on application security and productivity. Details on Project “Atlas”Check out the latest tools and techniques…

MSN Developer Center

MSN gets all Web 2.0.  Check out the new MSN Developer Center on  MSDN MSN Virtual EarthNow you can build applications that use the great mapping features of MSN Virtual Earth. The ViaVirtualEarth.com external Web site provides the resources you need, including tutorials, sample applications, and a gallery where you can see other developer applications….