My Geek Origin Story

Michael Kordahi, aka Delicate Genius, is asking for Geek Origin Stories. How can I not contribute to this worthy cause…… The year  was 1981, and my high school, CBC StKilda,  got a fancy new Cromenco computer system. I was asked to man the computer lab by my math teacher, Mrs Fagin, and to pass the…

builderAU : Talking blogs with Frank Arrigo

At Tech.Ed, I was interviewed by Builder AU about a bunch of different things. These interviews are now starting to see the light of day This first interview has me sharing my ‘blog secrets’ Talking blogs with Frank Arrigo It feels so long ago….. Technorati Tags: BuilderAU, Blogging, Frank Arrigo, Tech.Ed, TechEd


Whirlwind couple of days…

Gosh, I haven’t posted since Thursday. Can you believe that? It’s been a pretty crazy couple of days – so let me break it down for you. On Friday at Tech.Ed, I had a chalk talk session. I was going to use it to update folks on my next job, as well as tell a…


Wacky ZDNet Builder.AU guys and a camera

Those wacky Builder.AU guy are running around the TechEd expo hall, doing those ‘funny’ talking head videos. They caught me going to get a bottle of water from the fridge, and caught on video Nick Hodge, Trika and Rigo. Can’t wait to see the results! Technorati tags: TechEd, Tech.Ed, BuilderAU


Tech.Ed Australia Parties

I got an email from a Tech.Ed attendee this week listing the Tech.Ed Parties (and believe it or not, his name is David) 1995 – Sydney (Party in Conv Centre) 1996 – Brisbane (Movie World) 1997 – Melbourne (Crown Casino + Movie) 1998 – Sydney (Sega World) 1999 – Brisbane (Dreamworld) 2000 – Cairns (Mad…


The TechTalkBlogger Team Together for the First Time

A wonderful moment on the TechEd Expo floor. The three Guest Editors on TechTalkBlogs met for the first time and Nick Hodge was there to record the moment From left to right: Elaine Van Bergen Lorraine Young Bronwen Zande  I still reckon they are like the PowerPuff Girls Technorati tags: TechEd, TechTalkBlogs


LOLCats from the Tech.Ed KeyNote

Folks have asked me to share the LOLCats from the opening Tech.Ed Keynote Here’s they are Kick back Problem-solve Observe Get hands-on Discover Confront Concentrate Achieve Relax But try not to overdo it. Technorati tags: LOLCat, TechEd, Tech.Ed


Barely had time to stop, and TechEd Day 2 starts

Day 1 of TechEd is behind and Day 2 is about to start. (Picture by Damian Edwards – thx Damo, or should I say Tech.Ed ) Yesterday was a whirlwind, from the opening keynote, to hosting the blogging panel, a number of media interviews and then “Ask The Experts” in the evening. It’s all a…


The Calm Before The Storm

Just getting ready before the final run through of the Tech.Ed Opening Keynote. I’m feeling nervous. Butterflies in the tummy kind of nervous. I have been given my Tech.Frank stickers for distribution I will be located at the Dev’Garten in the Expo Hall – so if you want a sticker of me, you have to…


Virtual Tech.Ed – Live from the Fishbowl

For those who can’t make it to Tech.Ed this year, we have something special – Virtual Tech.Ed For those attending, make sure you check out the FishBowl Technorati tags: TechEd, Tech.Ed, Virtual TechEd