Australian Imagine Cup 2007 News Central Now Online

OMG, The Imagine Cup is fast approaching. Berno has been hounding me to get a blog setup for him. So, TADA – here’s the Australian Imagine Cup 2007 News Central. Berno isn’t ready for me to blog about it, which is a perfect invitation to spread the word! Technorati tags: Imagine Cup, IC2007, Berno, Bernad…

STIRR Sydney

Now this is interesting. I spotted this on Yoick and then on Martin Well’s blog STIRR is a casual event for people who work in Internet start ups. It’s brought to you by the STIRR Network and our sponsors: Tech Venture Partners, Atlassian and Tangler. It’s a fun way to meet some new people and…


New Year, New MVPS

One thing that happened while I was on leave, was the announcement of some new MVPs in Australia & New Zealand Adam Cogan – Visual Developer – Team System  Ben Hoffman – Windows Server System – Exchange Server Ben Walters – Microsoft Office InfoPath Clarke Scott – Visual Developer – Solutions Architect Craig Pringle – Windows – Tablet PC…


Welcome Bruce McLeod to Aussie .NET Blogger community

A new year, a new addition to the Aussie .NET Blogger OPML. I am delighted to welcome Bruce McLeod to our little community. Bruce’s tagline is “Attempting to solve your technical dilemmas”, and knowing Bruce I reckon he does. [ Currently Playing : The Sun and the Rain – Madness – Heavy Heavy Hits (03:31)…

Welcome my New Starter – Jeff Alexander

While I have been offline, a new member of my team started – Jeff Alexander. Jeff has joined the team as an IT Pro Evangelist, joining Michael Kleef. Jeff is a Microsoft veteran – he’s been around longer than me! Have a read of his blog to find out more of this interesting fellow! These…


Welcome Aussie Blogger : Alex Campbell

Another local blogger answers the call and makes himself known. Welcome to Alex Campbell, a .NET developer based in Melbourne who works at David Trewern Design What is really cool, we now have 40 local bloggers listed in the OPML.  Don’t forget the magical Aussie Blogger list and

Welcome Aussie .NET Blogger : Richard Mason

In my recent call for Aussie .NET Bloggers, Richard Mason put up his hand and let me know he had a blog. Now what is cool about Richard, is that he is a member of the Imagine Cup winning team from Australia. Duo’s winning ideaRichard Mason and Douglas Stockwell, PhD students from Queensland University of…


A Salute to the Great McCarthy

In the 70’s there was a movie with the title “A Salute to the Great McCarthy“, which was based on a book of the same name. I loved that film — it was about  “Young McCarthy who was a typical country boy with enormous football potential (Aussie Rules). A troupe of rapacious and exploitative big…


Do Kids Blog – Part 2

Further to the discussion last week about kids blogging, my number 2 son, Billy, started his blog on the weekend. It’s not much at the moment, reviews of his favourite sites, but it is certainly his voice – spelling errors and all 🙂 And i love his “Billy arrigo meter“ line. Welcome Billy!!!


Welcome Tatham Oddie – Another Aussie .NET Developer and Blogger

Aussie developer bloggers are everywhere. I got a note from Tatham Oddie overnight who has two blogs – professional and social. I think he is trying to challenge me for the most number of blogs! No way mate – I will win that battle everytime!!!!! Anyways, Tatham works at SSW, the home of one of Regional…