PostMix Australia : Follow-up content from Remix Australia.

Michael Kordahi (aka Delicate Genius) has been burning the midnight oil, encoding the sessions that were recorded at Remix Australia 07, and today he had a chance to post a few of them Keynote Address (day 1) Rapid Fire Design and Prototyping in WPF Building Rich Web Experiences with Silverlight and JavaScript The videos can be viewed…


I've been dugg!

There was a recent video on ZDNET with me talking about web standards Is Microsoft learning from its Web standards mistakes? [Play the video] I was talking about Expression Web and how it supports web standards The article recently got dugg : Microsoft Accepts it Ignored the Web Standards 1417 Diggs as of writing this, and man,…


What does innovation mean to you?

During Remix, I asked Nick Hodge to capture some comments from the attendees regarding innovation. He did such a good job, I thought I should share the results. See if you spot any themes innovation innovation So, what does innovation mean to you?? Technorati tags: auremix07, innovation


Imagine Cup 2007 : Winners Announced, Lives to be Changed!

One of the side events held during Remix was the judging of the Australian finals for the Imagine Cup for 2007. I had been a judge for the past few years (2005, 2006), but with my Remix duties, others in the team took on this important task. The finalists were “The Intelligent Gorillas” (Queensland University…


reMIX Agenda : Melbourne 25 and 26 June

If you are attending remix in Melbourne and want to know what’s going on – grab a copy of the agenda. We’ve got a twitter feed too Technorati tags: auremix07 Remix Agenda.pdf


Discovery Channel Asia "Never Miss TV" to be previewed a ReMIX

One of the things we will be showing at ReMIX is a preview of Discovery Channel Asia’s “Never Miss TV” developed by local digital agency @www. It’s one of the first commercial applications developed in Australia using Silverlight. You may have read about this in a recent B & T Article (which also featured me)…


Sold Out

AU ReMIX SOLD OUT! Technorati tags: auremix07


ReMixing it up ?

I got the following question in email today Hi Frank, I just got the registration confirmation. It states again that I am only registered for the Designer track. Can you please let me know if this is the case? Also, there are three rooms listed in the event venue listing… Is there a third track?…

WEBJAM : Jamming at ReMix07

I love this quote from Lachlan from a recent post Webjam are stupidly excited to announce that we’ll be running a Webjam at ReMix07! Says it all really. Michael Kordahi sent me a note too with his guidance/thoughts Webjam in a nutshell: 16 presenters, 3 minutes for each presentation, SMS voting, winner gets the adoration…


overexposed? Moi?

Yesterday I featured in two separate little thingys. An article in the Australian Financial Review which featured a LARGE photo of me, as well as a little video we put together to promote ReMix 07. The cool thing is that the video is delivered using Silverlight! My kids don’t really know what to make of…