Fun with Google

Now, that I have started this, it’s time to seed Google. Lots of cross posting. About Me • Photos • Interesting Stuff • All Posts Family • Friends • AFL • Interests • Work • Job • Random • TV • Stories Be thankful I don’t list every single post here! 🙂 My goal, to continue being the #1 entry on google for this search. Shouldn’t…


Frank’s Scrap Book

I thought it would be a good idea to put a link to all the news stories I have featured in. My mother would be proud… Developer Evangelism : 2001 to Present The promise of technological heaven Cog in the Microsoft money machine? – Tech Update – ZDNet Hostworks Provides Free Hosting Service to Developers Using…


first post

Hello and welcome! I am part of the Developer Platform Evangelism team in Microsoft Australia. I have a bunch of sites: frankarr on radio frankarr on blogspot fda on eraserver fda1 And some wacky online profiles: msn yahoo More later