aussie .net developer OPML

I put out the call a while back for Aussie .net developer bloggers to show me their RSS. Well I wasn’t disappointed. Many hardy souls responded to the request, so I present to you now the australian .net developer blogger opml. One kind soul showed how we can do some amazing things with this OPML,…


From little things, big things grow

I have had to make a big decision recently. One that impacts many many people, including my family. I have decided to leave Microsoft Australia and head back to Microsoft Corporate. This means packing up the house, selling the cars, taking the kids out of school and moving across the world. It means leaving a…



A very kind soul, Aaron Cooper, invited me to join Orkut, after I asked him nicely What a Guy! So, I’m finally hanging out with the cool kids. Feels nice. I am now connected to 15364 people through 8 friends. The site is a nice piece of ASP.NET development (I have to make it somewhat relevant). If…


Calling all Australian .net developer bloggers

I am keen to create a list of Australian .net bloggers and make an OPML file (OPML is “a file format that can be used to exchange subscription lists between programs that read RSS files, such as feed readers and aggregators.”)  available for anyone who wants to add this list their own rss readers AND…


Australian .NET Developer mailing list

Dr Peter Stanski has asked me to spread the word about the Australian .NET mailing list. Here’s the scoop: To Subscribe to the list, send email to: In body of message type: subscribe dotnet To Unsubscribe from list, send email to: In body of message type: unsubscribe dotnet Send your email messages to…


TechTalkBlogs … status after a few days online

I posted about TechTalkBlogs on Friday evening, and then Tuesday 28/02/06 saw the MSDN Flash go out which announced the arrival of TechTalkBlogs to the 1,000s of Australian MSDN Flash subscribers. So, how is TechTalkBlogs doing so far. Well, there’s some “buzz” in the blogosphere – Ben Barren, Alex Barnett Let’s look at some data from…


Hello FY07, Farewell FY06

July 1 marks the start of the new financial year. It’s like the start of a new season in footy. We have plans, commitments, targets, strategies and tactics. What happened during the past 12 months. Let’s reflect I was on TV I found my shirt I got my K-JAM Tablet Guy came dowunder Visual Studio…


Franks in hospital

Hi It is Moira here (frankies wife) he asked me to post a note to let you all know that he is in hospital at the moment and will be back to his computer as soon as he is able.


K-JAM, Microsoft Voice Command, Bluetooth Headset and a registry hack

I scored a Bluetooth headset for Christmas from my kids (seems they were tired of me always getting caught talking on my phone while driving) for use with my K-JAM So, I installed Microsoft Voice Command, applied a little registry hack magic (thanks to Darryl Burling for creating a handy little app which does this) and voila. It…


15 years at Microsoft

Today is the anniversary of when I started my career at Microsoft – 15 years! As I said last year, I’ve been really lucky, as I have done lots of different things, been exposed to different parts of the business, and seen it from different parts of the world. I have been very fortunate to…