Wait, What?

So, I’m sitting in a hotel room in downtown Kirkland, wrapping up my affairs, and getting ready to move back to Australia.

Wait, What?

Yup – I’m heading back down under. Now, I say *I* because the rest of my family already went back nearly 2 months ago.

Wait, What?

Here they are at Sea-Tax airport when they were heading out on their journey back to Australia.

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So I stayed behind to get the house packed – it was karma really, since I left Moira alone to pack when we moved from Sydney to Seattle. Hopefully we’re even now Winking smile

We had a lot of stuff to pack. The final tally was 256 boxes and 251 wrapped items for a grand total of 507 items, which took up a 40’ & 20’ container and which weighed something like 20,000 lbs. Yes - That’s a lot of stuff!


Now the boxes are loaded, the containers are full, the house is empty and clean and I’m waiting for the confirmation that the sale is complete.

Soon my second Seattle adventure comes to an end, just as the local weather starts to improve and Spring begins.

What’s next?

Well – I’m heading back to Melbourne this time around. It’s my hometown. I left Melbourne in 1990 with my then girlfriend, Moira Brice. Now, I’m heading back to join Moira and my 4 kids. They are all loving it, so I cant wait to join them.

I’m also changing jobs, but I’ll save the details about that in another post.

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  1. johnnyg says:

    Good luck on your adenture Frank

  2. Glenn Wilson says:

    It will be good to be back home in Melbourne… 🙂

  3. Brett Chapman says:

    back in time for the footy season to hit full stride… At least you missed the last 6 months of pain for the Sainters..

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