From Treo to Leo – My New Gadget, the HTC HD2

I’ve been a happy Palm Treo Pro user since Oct 2008, and it’s been the best phone I’ve had for ages. I had paired it up with SPB Mobile Shell and found it quite a handy and enjoyable combination.

But, the 320x320 screen was a bit weird.

So, in my quest for the ultimate Windows Mobile Phone, I got myself an unlocked HTC HD2 (codename Leo).

I’m a fan of the unlocked phone – let’s me be in control, rather than the carrier. It’s a weird model they have here in the US with carriers lock-in. All my phones have been unlocked (ShadowHTC TyTN II, Palm Treo 750, Imate K-Jam)

There are a few online retailers who have the unlocked phone, such as Expansys and Integrontech but the big news for those in the US is that T-Mobile will be offering the HD2 sometime in 2010. Since I am on T-Mobile, I felt quite quite smug about my decision.

For my friends downunder, Telstra will be offering the phone, and to celebrate the local folks are giving away five HTC HD2 Windows phones. You gotta be in in to win it, eh?

So, I’ve had the phone a few days and I really really really like it. Especially the 480 X 800 WVGA screen. mmmmmm.


The 1GHz Snapdragon™ processor isn’t too shabby either.

This is a killer phone!

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  1. Peng Huang says:

    I got a HD2 too. The screen is pretty good.

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