Merry Christmas Y’all

It’s that time of year Emma came to visit me one day at work at left a happy holiday message on my white board – thanks Emma! From my family to yours ….   Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2010! Technorati Tags: Christmas,2009


3 by 3 from me

In keeping with my 3 year twitter-versary, here’s 3 twitter clients for 3 different platforms WPF Sobees Lite Seesmic for Windows Mahtweets Silverlight Sobees Web Gadfly Twittzure Windows Mobile Twikini Pocketwit Motweets Enjoy! If you want to find more twitter apps – head over to Technorati Tags: Twitter,Silverlight,WPF,Windows Mobile

Behold the Physical Manifestation of the Azure Cloud

In my current job, I don’t get out much. What I mean is that I have an internal focused role, so I don’t get out to meet with customers & partners, attend events, speak to press etc. So when I was at the PDC last month, Lynn Langit asked me to be a guest commentator…

Twittering for 3 years

I hinted about this in a recent post, today is my 3 year twitter-versary. I first tweeted on Dec 15 2006 – and it feels so long ago. As I write this, my scoreboard looks like this 10,890 tweets 4,242 Following 3,853 Followers Now what do my tweetstats show? Any difference from when I looked…


MIX10 – why not MMX ??

As soon as the PDC ended, the team has started work on MIX10. There are workshops running March 14th, 2010 and the Conference is on March 15th – March 17th, 2010 – (yes, *the* Ides of March) This year’s event is at Mandalay Bay. Attendees who register by January 15th will get one free night…


6 Years of Blogging and 1,884 Posts later

A little milestone just crept up on me *again* Six years ago – December 3 2003 – I made my first post here. At the time the blogs were sitting on, having recently moved from So much has happened since then, from being on the telly, being in newspapers and magazine articles, special…