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The US election is a few days away. Here’s a cool tool to make electoral vote predictions like Chuck Todd of MSNBC has on air, using Microsoft Surface.

From your desktop, using the richness of WPF, you can make your own predictions, compare them with Chuck Todd and manipulate based on voter trends, poll surveys and any other relevant data.

Download  NBC Decision 08 Electoral Map

Instructions on the App

  • After the install, go to Start->Programs->MSNBC->NBC Decision 08 Electoral Map
  • The “i” logo has the Information on the app and how to use it
  • The initial load is Chuck Todd’s Predictions as of this week
  • You click on a candidate and then on a state to give them the state
    • Ex: Click on Obama and on WA to make it red.
    • If you click WA again, it will turn light red and “leaning Obama” 
    • If you click WA again, it will turn grey and will become a toss-up state
  • You can Save your Prediction as an XML file
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