How do you do your status updates?

I was asked the following question, ”How do you do your status updates?”,  this week by one of my work colleagues who is also one of my “online” friends. Seems my frequency of updates is overwhelming his quite digital existence.

I do use a bunch of different tools to keep my status up to date, so to answer that question for my friend, here’s what I do.

When I am out and about, I like to take photos and I use ShoZu to tag and post the photos I take to all my favorite destinations, such as flickr, brightkite & twitpic.

So uploading one photo causes a flurry of status updates.

I have brightkite setup to cross post to my twitter stream, which also updates my facebook status. One upload, 3 status updates!

Speaking of status updates, I have \been trying out some services which can update across many social networks – two which I use are and All are easy to setup and use, and come in handy when I want to synchronize something across *all* my social networks.

In terms of other applications I use, I wrote about TinyTwitter a while back, and I have the latest version which can include data from a GPS in the tweet, and it actually updates the location field in twitter. That’s kinda funky.

I also stumbled across GPSTwit which has a simple Windows Mobile app and I have been giving it a try. It creates “breadcrumbs” of your travels, which I kinda like.

But, my favorite status update site is – because of one killer feature – SEARCH. It’s a browser based app, but it’s fast and super easy to use.

So, there you have it. A run down of some of the things I use to keep my status up to date because I so want to tell the world what I am doing….

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  1. do you ever have to check your online status to find out where you are and what you’re doing?

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