10552 songs and it’s still half full (or half empty)

The following tweet came across my screen yesterday and it made me think…


I also looked and found an article from a few years back - Most MP3 players 'barely half full' which said

The average user fills only 58 per cent of their music player, leaving the average player with more than 4GB of free space

Curious, I check out my current music player – a Zune 120gb which I recently picked up. The stats show I am about 49% full, which means I have another 60GB available. That’s what I call an infinite digital jukebox!

Speaking of Zune – here’s my zune profile and zune card


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  1. Lacy Kemp says:

    I’m impressed you’ve got 60 gigs full. Do you REALLY listen to all of that or is it there because you might want to? I guess w/ 60 gigs you have that option. I have a 30gig player and it’s only about 30% full. I’d consider myself an avid music listener/fan, but I suppose I really like a certain genre that isn’t able to fill a full 30 gigs (let alone 120).

    I know there are a ton of people out there who can fill a terabyte but I just think I’d never even consider listening to some of it.

  2. Jon Biddell says:

    I don’t know about that – I guess it all depends on the capacity of the player. When I had a 160Gb iPod I would have agreed with you, in that I used most of the capacity for storing backups of my CDs (not in playable format), but now I have an iPhone, I find it’s close to full almost all of the time.

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