{You shape} it

I got sent to {You shape} it, a new site that focuses on all Microsoft things related to design, development and IT management.

It’s full of silverlight goodness, with a snappy theme song and some fun activities, including adding your name to the Shape City billboard

FRANKARR LetterWriter

As I was wandering the site, I got flashbacks of The Neverhood – anyone remember that ?

neverhood boxcover

It was a claymation adventure game from the fertile mind of Douglas TenNapel, who also fathered Earthworm Jim

The Neverhood was just sooooo good! I loved that game!

Just watch a video of the intro to see what I mean.

How awesome is that!

Anyways, {You shape} it is pretty cool and I am sure we will see more cool stuff appear over the next few months.

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  1. It does indeed look like The Neverhood and yes it is still the most creative and fun PC game ever.

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