Kid’s Corner – Beginner Developer Learning Center

I have 4 kids.

They have grown up using computers and I have written some of their stories -Dale and the Dolphin Whales : My Own RockBandExplaining Yourself to a 2nd GraderMathletics - All the kids are doing it., Proud Dad Moment, Take Our Daughters & Sons To Work Day 2008, Emma and CyberQuoll, The things kids brag about at school these days, Installing Windows Vista RC1, Observing a new Windows Vista User, What happens after XBOX 360 midnight madness , My Boy Billy is getting a Tablet just like Me!, Children & Blogs @ School, do kids blog? – maybe, Do Kids Blog - Part 2

They *are* the “Digital Natives”!

Now, they have expressed in interest in doing more than just playing games, or surfing websites.

They want to make their own games.

They want to create their own websites.

They want to learn more.

Finally, I have a great place to send them to -- Kid’s Corner on MSDN.

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