Getting Sorted for PDC2008

The PDC kicks off on Monday, but it starts for me on Saturday morning as I am involved in one of the pre conferences – WomenBuild I’m trying to get organized before my trip, so I’ve been looking for tips online to help me get sorted and there is plenty : Packing for the PDC…

How do you do your status updates?

I was asked the following question, ”How do you do your status updates?”,  this week by one of my work colleagues who is also one of my “online” friends. Seems my frequency of updates is overwhelming his quite digital existence. I do use a bunch of different tools to keep my status up to date,…


10552 songs and it’s still half full (or half empty)

The following tweet came across my screen yesterday and it made me think… I also looked and found an article from a few years back – Most MP3 players ‘barely half full’ which said The average user fills only 58 per cent of their music player, leaving the average player with more than 4GB of…


{You shape} it

I got sent to {You shape} it, a new site that focuses on all Microsoft things related to design, development and IT management. It’s full of silverlight goodness, with a snappy theme song and some fun activities, including adding your name to the Shape City billboard As I was wandering the site, I got flashbacks…


Kid’s Corner – Beginner Developer Learning Center

I have 4 kids. They have grown up using computers and I have written some of their stories -Dale and the Dolphin Whales : My Own RockBand,  Explaining Yourself to a 2nd Grader,  Mathletics – All the kids are doing it., Proud Dad Moment, Take Our Daughters & Sons To Work Day 2008, Emma and…


Think Way Outside The Box

This teaser has started appearing all over my building I like it! Technorati Tags: PDC2008