Format for Blogging Panel for the Microsoft Student Partners Summit

So, I’m hosting a Blogging Panel for the Microsoft Student Partners Summit

Time to think about the format – I think i will ask some questions and then have each panelist answer.

Here’s some of my thoughts of the questions to ask

  • Who are they
  • Why do they blog
  • What do they blog about
  • Why blogging matters for them
  • How long have they been blogging
  • Did they ever have to remove a post
  • What mistakes have they made
  • How do they measure success
  • What tips do they have
  • How often to post
  • When not to blog
  • Who do they read
  • What’s next
  • Twitter?

What else should I cover??

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  1. Frank, this is a good list. I would add a few things:

    – goals of the blog

    – how important is blog design/ aesthetics

    – how do they handle content moderation

    – most embarrassing blogging story

    – balance between work and personal life reporting

    -most popular post

    – Do they establish an editorial calendar

    – what tracking tools do they use

    – how do they distribute/syndicate/promote their content

  2. frankarr says:

    nice – thanks Warren!

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