NYT: Tracking the Olympics Audience Across the NBC Media Universe

Excerpt from New York Times Article:

Tracking the Olympics Audience Across the NBC Media Universe


The exhaustive coverage of the Summer Olympics from Beijing next month — 3,600 hours on television and online — presents NBC Universal with a problem: how to give advertisers a portrait of viewership on seven networks, the Internet (both computers and cellphones) and video-on-demand downloads.

http://www.nbcolympics.com/ full of Silverlight goodness!

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  1. Dave D. says:

    WHAT UP?! Media": NBC’s Plan For the Olympics

    Lot’s of people are getting excited for the planned 3600 hours of Olympic coverage on the multiple networks and platforms of NBC Universal. The following article will tell you what all the hype is about:


    And all of what NBC said in that article is true and surely a positive for all Olympic fans across the country. But beware, it turns out that NBC’s Olympic plan can be too good to be true. This are the flaws that I have heard from other blogs and articles:

       * Sure, NBCOlympics.com will stream 2200 hours of coverage. But none of that live coverage will be of the marquee events like gymnastics and track and field. In an AP Report from last week, the Web will still be taking a backseat to TV.



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