At Home With Rigo

The house is pretty quiet at the moment.

Moira and 3 of the kids have been in Australia on holidays for 2 weeks so far, leave me at home with Rigo, my 16 year old.

Sure, we’ve been getting up to the usual shenanigans, eating out every night, staying up late, watching bad TV, drinking root beer, downloading stuff and general living the high life as only 2 geeks can.

Rigo is full of stories and he has been inspired again to blog. His latest thoughts can be found at

Now that he has finished school for the summer, I expect he will have lots more stories to share. I’m not expecting he will follow in the footsteps of blogging phenom Long Zheng, but a dad can only dream.

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  1. anony.muos says:

    Wow Americans have such good looking and presumingly, tasty foood!

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