The Elephant in the Room

I've been hearing the statement Elephant in the Room a fair bit.

I must admit, it makes me giggle every time I hear it. smile_nerd

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  1. Q: How do you know when there was an elephant in the fridge?

    A: Footprints in the butter.

    Q: How do you know when there is an elephant in the fridge?

    A: No room for the milk.

    Sorry. My daughter likes elephant jokes 😉

  2. frankarr says:

    I think it’s those elephant jokes that make me giggle

    Q: How can you tell that an elephant is in the bathtub with you?

    A: By the smell of peanuts on its breath.

    Q: What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence

    A: Time to get a new fence


  3. Dan Waters says:

    The other one is "The 800lb gorilla in the room." What bothers me is that the weight tends to vary; at some point someone needs to find out what the proper weight range for a gorilla is and bloody stick to it.

  4. frankarr says:

    Dan – i hadnt heard it used in that context

    normally the 800lb gorilla is a dominant player in an industry or activity

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