Thinking about Señor Sanchez

I got an email the other day from a dear friend - Harvey Sanchez.

Harvey and I started around the same time at Microsoft. (I started before he did, but for some reason, he always forgets that piece of information).

Harvey is one of the coolest and passionate guys I know. He's Spanish, which helps explain all that.

And isn't he a snappy dresser!


Harvey's been blogging recently on

Interestingly his first post was *after* I  left Australia. Not sure what to make of that, but let's just say it's a coincidence.

Some of his recent posts give you a sense of what he is working on:

  • Microsoft WorldWide Telescope
  • Live Mesh Video
  • So no Microhoo!
  • Australia gets new Virtual Earth Birdseye imagery
  • Mesh your entire digital life
  • Windows Live Gallery—more than just gadgets
  • Your Digital Lifestyle - love it!
  • Harvey - I love you like a brother and I really look forward to seeing you soon!

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