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I've been watching our internal office labs for a while now and wondering when it would see the light of day.

Well, that day was this week when the covers were taken off the site :

There are a few interesting projects up there

I've been using InkSeine on my tablet for a while now. It's a prototype ink application from MSR.

There are a few other projects which I hope will surface onto office labs soon. Keep an eye on the blog, which is where you can also find Chris Pratley

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jensen Harris (of " The Story Of The Ribbon " fame) announced it, Allan Da Costa Pinto has

  2. Tom says:

    firstly, nice that microsoft follows Adobe’s lead and makes some of the things they are working on available as fully functional beta apps.

    secondly, it also illustrates why so many of Microsoft’s apps are just so heavily geared towards engineers. When you look at InkSein for example you can tell that the interface was most likely designed by someone with an engineering background.

    I think the real problem seems to be that from conception stage to final product shipment the designers and usability people are getting involved too late. The result are products like Vista. A great idea but so convoluted they simply lack the beauty and simplicity of products delivered by other companies (eg. OS and phone from a certain company down in Cupertino).

    I wish Microsoft would learn a little from it’s past short comings. I would love to see a Windows that is as easy to use as Office 2007…

    … of course I do have to ask by in gods name Office 2008 for Mac (while delivered at a later stage) is so badly lacking in it’s interface compared to Office 2007 for Win? Again, there doesn’t seem to be combined design effort that is coherent across the entire company…

    … I know that’s hard and costs a lot of money… but hey didn’t you Microsoft just bid 16 billion US$ in cash for Yahoo?

  3. Ray Roche says:

    Hi Frank

    Good to read that the future is, at least in part, in the hands of an Aussie with a belief in tablets.

    I am still teaching and working in project directing/management roles and use my Toshiba tablet almost exclusively.  I use OneNote, Outlook and Mindjet Mindmanager almost all the time with some Word, Excel and Project to supplement those.

    I will have to check out this InkSeine thing.

    Regards from Canberra

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