Will Alister Stay Grumpy with Ray Ozzie?

I got the following email a while back from Alister Cameron and it's been sitting in my inbox waiting for a response.

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Hi from Melbourne, Frank 🙂


I'm grumpy with Ray Ozzie, for whom I have the utmost respect... I think he's a total genius, but I wanted to rant a bit.

Appreciate any linkages for this post if you think it has merit.

I wanna see Groove back in the spotlight 🙂



Alister Cameron



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I had wanted to respond as soon as I got the email, but I knew about some upcoming announcements and thought I would hold on.

Until now.

The news broke last night, and it's all over TechMeme, and it's all about Live Mesh


image From the Live Mesh team blog

Now Alister, I know this doesn't directly address your issues regarding Ray's blogging frequency, or your question on Groove, but now you know what's been keep Ray busy.

And he is most definitely back in the spotlight! Here is Ray Ozzie Introducing Live Mesh, in his first Channel9 interview where he sits down with Jon Udell to talk about Live Mesh.

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  1. Hey Frank.

    I knew you’d be announcing Live Mesh but gee… thanks for making your announcement a reply to my post 🙂 I’m chuffed.

    I have been hearing rumours and such about it, and I will be as excited as anyone to think this is Ray Ozzie’s much deserved moment of glory… or the first of many more to come.

    I’ll post a reply as soon as I’ve had a good look at it.

    Friends of mine know I’ve done nothing but crap on about "computing in the cloud" since the Google/Salesforce announcement.

    This is really great timing for Microsoft and I’ll be spending way too much time studying it all…

    Cheers mate.


    Alister Cameron // Blogologist


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