Aussie Startups Carnival 2008 Results

I’m working through a backlog of email at the moment (1018 unread emails currently in my inbox) and spotted this one recently. Nice to see some coverage on Aussie startups. We all know that innovation is alive and well in Australia

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Subject: (frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger) : Aussie Startups Carnival 2008 Results
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Hi Frank - I would like to bring it to your attention that we have recently covered 31 aussie startups. Results are publishes as well. If you know there are any other new ventures in IT/Media/Telecom then we would like to cover at our portal

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.:)


Now, I know the email mentions “31 aussie starutps” but the article only lists 24, so I’m not sure what’s up with that. I hope those 7 haven’t gone bust already. Or maybe they have been acquired?

**UPDATE** I was asked to fix up some typos in the email

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  1. Vishal says:

    Hi Frank,

    We had 28 particpants and in addition to that 3

    surprised entries.

    1 to 24 is ranking 🙂 on the page and some tied up with positions, so thats why you see 24.

    We have now added 3 more – 2 interviews and few more to come. keep watching the coverage is expanding


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