Lost and then Found

006 As I was getting ready to kickoff my panel on Wednesday, I reached into my pocket for my USB Drive where I had my presentation.

The drive wasn't in my pocket!


I looked in all pockets with no luck.

15 minutes to go and I've lost my presentation. This can't be good

So, I *run* back to my hotel room. It feels *miles* away.

I get another USB drive from my bag,  copy the slides and rush back to my panel.

I arrive back with minutes to spare, load up the deck and we're ready to roll.

After the show, I head over to the information desk and ask if someone has handed in a lost USB Drive.

Turns out someone had.

So thank you unknown friend for saving my 4gb drive and getting it back to me!!

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  1. Berno says:

    I always keep one copy of my presentation on my inbox for easy retrival, just in case.

    Glad to know your session went well. Good on you, Frankie.

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