Microsoft IT Pro Evangelists around the World – We Salute You!

herodudesOne of my work colleagues, Orlando Escalante, has posted a list of blogs of all the Microsoft IT Pro Evangelists from around the World

For some reason he includes me on the list. I definitely don't deserve to be on that particular list. Not anymore at least.

There ARE 2 Aussies on the list - Jeff Alexander and Michael Kleef and they have been busy with the Australian Heroes Happen Here 2008 Launch Event - Heroes Happen Here 2008 - Sydney Launch Event & Server 2008 launch: Sydney down....onto Melbourne! 


I really like Jeff's story about the Mac/Linux dude who attended the event and then blogged about the event with positive statements, such as

"To say that I'm impressed, even as a dedicated Mac/Linux geek, is an understatement. It's something I'll be watching with much interest."

Great work Aussie team!

As I said in my interview on DG.TV earlier this week, the one thing I am missing at the moment is getting in front of customers, which is what these Microsoft IT Pro Evangelists do every single day. And for that, I salute you!

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