I came for the Gadgets and the Pies

image A few weeks back I was interviewed by AFR journalist Renai LeMay about life over in the US.

I have been interviewed a few times by Renai and had a number of chats

Looks like the article has appeared in the AFR today.


I love the headline -  Plenty of gadgets and pies for expat - really focuses on the good stuff.Open-mouthed


My gadget addiction is well documented

The pies are from a local company called The Australian Meat Pie Company.

I went on an expedition to the store with the family a few months back (we also made a detour to Issaquah for Krispy Kreme )


We got some meat pies and lamingtons

006 005

I also couldn't resist including this photo of the Koala with a didgeridoo (that's for you DavidLem)


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  1. Dave says:

    LOL, don’t you love how the koala is so still, hoping to pounce on the pies when they are least expecting it! Ha ha, those koalas!

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