Xobni : Insights from your Inbox

Xobni: it's inbox backwards

I've been using Xobni for almost a month now and it's been fun.

It's offers a bunch of cool features

  • Lightning fast email search.
  • Phone numbers extracted from emails.
  • Email analytics.
  • Quick attachment discovery.
  • Navigate your inbox by people.
  • Threaded conversations.
  • Your personal assistant.

So, what I have learnt from the analytics?

It told me that my wife is the number one person I send/receive email from.

it reminded me of people I haven't emailed for a while

It gave me a cool graphs





I could go on, but I wont.

Give it a go if you like 

Xobni outlook add-in for your inbox

The app has had a lot of coverage on the blogosphere, so if you want a good review check these out

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  1. Alistair S says:

    You don’t find it slowing down performance of Outlook 2007?

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