2 seconds of fame : The Sleek Geeks meet Me

sleekgeeks_2007_ep2 022 _2__0004

Way back in May 2007, I got an email about an audience call for a new TV show being developed called "Sleek Geeks", featuring  Dr Karl & Adam Spencer.

How could I resist? So, I applied.

Then in June, I got an email from The Sleek Geeks Team inviting me to be a member of the audience


as well as a map to the venue


I booked 3 tickets, one for me, one for Rigo and one for Bill.

Sunday June 10 arrived.

Bill was ready but Rigo didn't want to go - oh well his loss.

We checked the FAQ to make sure we knew what to expect

Filming will take around 2 - 3 hours. Due to the nature of the show there will be different set ups for
experiments and also different camera angles this will result in audiences moving and standing at times.
Seating is provided but will not be constant.
We recommend that children attending are 12 years and over and are happy to stand and move around
for 3 hours. We will need silence when filming so please keep that in mind when deciding whether to
bring along children.
We will provide light refreshments, tea, coffee and water.
Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear ie: Jumpers and covered in shoes.
There will be some audience participation so please come prepared to have a good time and join in.

We headed down, saw the filming and got involved in some audience participation. It was a lot of fun.

Of course I tweeted the experience :


At the end of the filming, the folks told us that the show would air in October.

October came and went and no sign of the show - and then it kind of slipped my mind

This morning I woke up to many many emails and tweets from my friends in Australia.

The Sleek Geeks episode had aired on the ABC this week finally. People had seen me on the telly!

We were part of the audience who got to be part of the little experiment with Australian memory champion Simon Orton

Some stills from the show:

sleekgeeks_2007_ep2 022 _1__0001sleekgeeks_2007_ep2 022 _2__0002

The wonderful ABC has the show available for download at the Sleek Geeks site.

So, to all the folks who saw me and sent me a message - thank you for remembering me.

And to the ABC, thank you for making your shows available for download.

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  1. Nick Hodge says:

    oh, that was you?

    I thought it was Russell Crowe

  2. davidlem says:


  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Great shot of young Billy, with Adam & Dr Karl in the background.

    As soon as I saw the show, I sent you the briefest of e-mails.  It had to be really brief ‘coz I had some pasta boiling over on the stove. (I wonder if the program goes on later to explain why women are better at multi-tasking than us blokes? Or are the laws of physics just different for women?)

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