ActiveWords On10 and Buzz at CES

When I saw Sarah's post about ActiveWords for Windows. I then spotted a post from Buzz, Live from CES. I just had to smile.

How serendipitous!

ActiveWords is an extremely handy application and it is passionately prompted by it's creator, Buzz Bruggeman. I've run it on each of my computers and it has become an indispensable tool to helping me get stuff done. And I'm not the only fan : Chaos and Order, I am in love with ActiveWords.

Cameron Reilly introduced me to Buzz via an interview he did a few years back - Welcome to “On the Pod - with Buzz Bruggeman” & then The Personal Productivity Show #015 - Buzz Bruggeman (Activewords) & Brad Meador (Clear Context).

I then had a few email exchanges with him which turned into a demo of Activewords. I was hooked on the product.

I finally got to meet Buzz earlier this year and it has been one of the highlights since moving over.

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  1. AW is the one app I *really* miss since moving to the Mac. Cmon Buzz! Make a Mac version! Quicksilver etc just don’t cut it.

  2. Lee Hopkins says:

    I love AW too! Buzz replied to a post of mine once about AW and said, based on the number of hours I said I was saving, that I needed some tutorials (as in, I should be saving heaps more time).

    Anyone know of any tutorials?


  3. You guys are great! We just need 10 million more like you, but we may have some interesting news coming up! Not about a Mac version, but fun never the less! I would love to build a Mac version, but the Windows market is too important for us to lose focus. We are about to finish "internationalizing" ActiveWords, and next up will be to update the look and feel!

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