ParallelFX : Let’s uses those CPUs

Soma posted the news yesterday Parallel Extensions to the .NET FX CTP 

A wise man told me that this is the next big step evolution for computing platform (just like Win16->32->Managed Code before it)

There is also a new Parallel Computing developer center on MSDN:

"Microsoft’s Parallel Computing developer center is dedicated to providing information, ideas, community, and technology to developers to make it easier to write programs that perform and scale well on parallel hardware." 

Not to mention the Parallel Programming with .NET blog.

And did you catch the news that Supercomputing Expert Daniel Reed Joins Microsoft Research

 On December 3, I will embark on the next installment of my own future, which will place me in the center of the ever-evolving computing revolution. On that day, I will be joining Microsoft to head a new research initiative (see the Microsoft Research press release and RENCI/UNC press release) in scalable and multicore computing. I am enormously excited, as these are among the most interesting technical problems in computing, and they are my long-time professional interests. I will be working with Microsoft researchers and product developers, as well as industry partners and academics. It doesn’t get any cooler than this.

It's all coming together

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